Flaps on Bays are curling..

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  1. On my indigo E/W Bays the edges of the flaps - the central one with the postman's lock and the two on each side - have curled up slightly.:sad:

    I have used Collonil (sp?) on it fairly regularly and the leather on the rest of the bag is perfect.

    Is this something that is supposed to happen with Bays bags? Is there any way I can "straighten" the curl?

    I love this bag but this is beginning to annoy me.

    Thanks in advance for any advice/help.
  2. Yes, that can happen, and I read somewhere that it can be cured! Lay the bag flat out on the floor with flap open and place ice(be sure that it's securely wrapped so no water/moisture will leak out) on top of the flaps(inside of bag) and leave for 20 minutes...
    I use a small towel between the flaps and the ice. Good luck.
    IMG_2720 [800x600].jpg IMG_2721 [800x600].jpg
  3. Hi Kriscat

    So kind of you to answer and with pics too! I would never have thought of that, will give it a go tomorrow.

    Beautiful cat - and bag!
  4. Hi Gimmi


    What a gorgeous bag to have - Ink Buffalo I think?
  5. Gimmi, forgot to say; welcome to the forum! Sorry about that.
    Thanks, btw :smile: