flap prices

  1. hii
    was wondering whether anyone can tell me the most recent prices for

    1. medium classic flap in caviar
    2. east west flap

    also, are the prices of these going up in november?

    lastly, anyone know how to get the above flaps in violet/purple?

  2. I can tell you the Medium Classic Flap in Caviar is 1995+taxes as of now and it will go up 20% in Nov. As for the east west, believe it is 1395? Not too sure on that one and the price for that will go up as well.

    Hope you find the bag you're looking for. :smile:
  3. The small east west is $1395
  4. A purple e/w just went on eBay for 2600 dollars !!!! Scary, but its such a wanted colour that it commanded the price, and it was the caviar version :biggrin: