flap pouchette + cat tote

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  1. Has anybody seen this beauty in store yet?


    any other information on her? I'd love to know the price!

    Also has anybody seen those totes in person?


    The cat one intrigues me, and it would be good for hauling books around college if it's not too big. I'm only 4'11'' and the measurements do seem a tad large...I love the little pouches but the price difference is very little.

    Nothing like considering a cat and a bird ;)
    Any info would be lovely!
  2. haven't seen them yet, but they look adorable!!
  3. I've seen the mouse tote, and it's huge!
  4. those are so cute!
  5. I have to say I'm a bit worried about that! :P I'm not a "big" bag person, but I just love kitties, and this is so unique! I might think about the owl one instead if it's smaller.
  6. Wouldn't they all be the same size? Hmm, I have no idea! I'm 5'4" and found the mouse one too big for my taste, but I'm sure you could find a use for it if you really like the style. Maybe a fun beach bag/throw-around bag/book bag?
  7. The owl one is shown as being vertical on the Marc Jacobs website, so I assumed it was a different size. I'm not completely sure though!