Flap Owners! What do you usually put on those pockets?!

  1. Okay.. So As you have noticed.. Flaps has a lot of pockets... What do you usually put in them? The pocket in front? The pocket in the back? The pocket in the middle of the double flap? And the pocket with the ykk zipper? What do you usually put in them?!
  2. I stash my hopefully winning lottery tickets in the outside pocket:tup:
  3. I put my hidden cash at the back of the double flap.. I don't normally use the front pocket and the pocket with the YKK zipper... I use my back pocket to put my ipod nano whenever I'm alone, listening to music while going to work! :biggrin:
  4. I put my shopping list at the back pocket. Tissue packet/blotting paper at the front pocket. The rest i hasn't figure out.
  5. I never put anything in the zippered pocket, it's too shallow. Plus it feels odd to put things in the pocket upside down (it opens upwards when the flap is open).
  6. It's the back pocket I use for lists or receipts -- things that are going to be emptied when I get home. The front flap, the upside down inside pockets rarely, if ever, get used. Maybe stashing some cash for a breakdown (the car, that is).
  7. I seldom use the pockets. The pocket on the front is usually for my receipts. But i throw them out once I'm home too.
  8. i put my NYC subway pass and drivers license at the back pocket for easy access, money in the front pocket, credit cards in one of the side inside pockets, receipts in the other, and my lipbalm in the middle pocket. i never use the zippered pocket because it's an awkward location ;)
  9. The pockets are useless for me :push: with the exception of the back exterior pocket, I put parking ticket or public transport ticket there sometimes.
  10. I really don't even use the pockets.
  11. nod. ditto.
  12. Hmm...I guess shopping lists, receipts, etc. I believe the narrow zippered pocket used to be for Coco Chanel's love letters! Any love letter stashers out there?
  13. I use the back pocket for valet or parking tickets, front pocket for tissue and blotting paper, zippered pockets for painkillers and emergency headband and hair pin.. those stuffs that are just there in case of emergency! Seems like all the pockets are useful for me!=)
  14. I don't use the pockets at all, just the main compartment.
  15. That seems to be a good idea of how to use the zippered pocket! Hehe!

    Oh yeah.. Since the 227 is larger than the medium flap (the one that I had first..), I'm using my front pocket to put my office keys, home keys and my ID for work.. But I never got to use the zippered pocket... It seems whenever I put cash on it (hidden cash!), I always forget that I put something on it!