Flap or Reissue? And a 226 or a 227?

  1. I am new to the Chanel family - and as such, am now OBSESSED. :wacko:

    I have two questions:

    1. What are the pros and cons (if any!?) to a classic flap vs. a reissue?

    2. What size is your favorite and why? The 226 or the 227?

    I'm asking because I want to purchase something THIS WEEK. Any help would be appreciated!! :love:
  2. I only have the classic flap, not the reissue. But when I do get my reissue (in 08) I am going to get the 226. I have a jumbo caviar and I think the 227 is a bit larger than that. The jumbo classic flap is the largest I will go, otherwise it's too bulky for me. I'm about 5' 9", but I don't like too big of a bag.

    I know a lot of girls here love the 227. I think you really need to see the sizes and try them on, it's hard to just guess.
  3. I had a 2005 227 black reissue and sold it. I just purchased a jumbo black flap and LOVE IT!!!
  4. Gosh - I'm only 5'4"...maybe I need a 226. I wouldn't use it as an every day bag - more for dinners and evenings out.

    I was in the Rodeo Drive boutique yesterday and believe I tried a 227 in the black metallic. I should probably call my SA and ask her just to be sure. I thought it was perfect but the more I think about it, the more I think it was a 226.

  5. I normally do not carry lots of stuff, so my DS reissue 226 works great for me.
  6. Hi there! I'm a relative newbie myself. I bought a jumbo flap but ended up returning it - I'm 5'4" and just felt it was too big for me, but that's DEFINITELY a personal preference (I've seen plenty of modeling pics of shorter pfers who look AMAZING with their jumbos). I've been looking at medium and EW flaps myself for that reason.

    I have tried on a few reissues but the second flap always gets me. So I'll probably get a classic first and wait for a reissue to call my name.

    BTW...I have a reissue wallet on a chain (dk silver metallic) that I love to pieces, but it's obviously not as big as the 226/227.

  7. i waited for the 227 FOREVER until my SA found one for me. the 226 is just too small for me personally - it barely holds my wallet, cell phone, and keys. the jumbo is much too large for me .. so the 227 is perfect for my height (5'3)
  8. the diff. between a classic flap and reissue: is the chain and the lock,
    226 (11'L)for the reissue is a 1 inch bigger than the medium classic flap (10'L)
    227 (12"L) for the reissue a 1/2 inch smaller than classic jumbo (12 1/2).
  9. Thank you all so much!

    I guess the other "thing" I need to consider is the 2nd flap in the reissue...is it really that annoying?
  10. both reissues and medium classic flaps have the double flap, classic jumbo does not... ,and no the double flap doesn't bother me at all. GL w/your decision!:smile:
  11. I've had 226, 227 and 228 reissues and my favorite BY FAR is the 227. Its so versatile. Its great for everyday, yet it can be go day to night so easily. I get the most use out of 227.

    Pros and cons of flaps / reissue

    Reissue pros, bag is softer more pliable leather so it holds more. I think it looks better worn messenger because strap is not as long as jumbo.

    Reissue cons: Chain kinks, buckle is harder to close. Metal chain gets really cold on bare shoulder, especially if in air conditioned room.

    Flap pros: easier buckle closure

    Flap cons: hm, NONE lol
  12. I love 227.
  13. I have both and I tend to use the classic flaps for evening and the reissues for day. I prefer the 226 size. Its the perfect day size for me.
  14. I only have the 227 reissue but it is a perfect size for me - I am tall and disorganised though!

    I also love the double flap - makes everything feel more secure to me and hasn't once irritated me. Having said that though, I'd be very open to a classic flap too!
  15. I cannot tell you guys how much I appreciate all the feedback. This is really helping me!!