flap or bowler??

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  1. im leaning more towards the luxe flap at this point. but can someone tell me what colors the luxe flap comes in with and the price for it?
    also, does the flap have the same problem like the luxe gold bowler where the gold was rubbing off?

    any advise/info/suggestion on luxe flap and bowler is much appreciated!! thanks!!
  2. We have tons of info on this if you search previous threads or check out the Chanel reference library. Good luck!
  3. I prefer the bowler it carries more stuff :yes:
  4. i have a medium sized bowler and it's very useful, not to mention versatile. if you pick the bowler, don't hink you'll have any regrets.
  5. i usually like flaps more, but i think the overall look of the bowler is nicer :smile:
  6. The flap fits under the arms a lot better, and looks more day-to-night. The bowler is a little more casual.
  7. I'll say bowler... I just brought one and is so PRETTY!!! Very nice and you can fit alot in it!!
  8. Bowler
  9. The bowler's so cute!
  10. I prefer the flap.
  11. I prefer the flap much more than the bowler since it's more comfortable to carry on the shoulder and more versatile for going day to night. I find the bowler too deep and makes my arm stick out at an uncomfortable angle.
  12. FLAP FLAP FLAP. I love the flap. Bowler looks too bulkyyyyyyyyyyy
  13. flap!
  14. :yes::yes:
  15. I have both (see my avatar). The Luxe flap is much more comfortable as a shoulder bag, can go from day to night as already mentioned, and is super easy to tote around for errands.

    The bowler holds more, is my favorite of the two as far as style is concerned, but not as comfy as a shoulder bag.