Flap on mini bow

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  1. Expect advice needed! I bought my bag about 2 weeks ago and use it everyday but the flap seems to be sticking upwards even though I tried very hard to push it downwards when I shoulder carry. I feel very annoyed whenever I saw it. Not sure if any of you face the same problem as me. If so, please advice. Greatly appreciated.
  2. Yeah, me too. I like to carry on shoulders with the double-strap style. But that's one of the prob I faced, either that or the center will sink in which causes more creases *heart pain*

    I think the best way & most stylish way is to hand carry or hook it in your arm (don't know wats the word for it).
  3. Oh! Does anybody experience the same thing with their regular
    bow? Is it becos of the size or the type of leather? Hmm..
  4. For my regular bow, the flap doesn't stick upwards but the centre will sink in VERY badly when I carry on shoulders with the strap. Yes, same here, hate to see more creases.

    I agree with gunnerway on the most stylish way of carrying it - hand carry and hooking on your arm (esp. this one! More glam and is like showing off to everybody u are carrying an IT bag. Wahaha!)

    Shoulder carry is more casual. I will still do so when I need my 2 hands to do things but not for long period of time.