"flap" me knowledge about flaps LOL

  1. as u know, i'm new to chanel and recently i can only differentiate the seasonal bags like the cabas, modern chain, rock adn chain etc.

    but i'm still confused about which is the flap, classic flap, reissues etc...

    can anyone knowledged me about this?
    if tehre's a pic accompanied it would be terrific!

    TIA :love:
  2. Hey sea,

    If you check the reference and resources thread on pics of your flaps and reissues...

    There's some useful information including pictures etc. on flaps and reissues. I've been going flap crazy while you've been going cabas crazy! lol..
  3. LOL... i did checked there but getting more confused because not all flaps were decribed :sad:
  4. Was there something in particular you were interested in or want to know about?

    I could try answering...
  5. thanks jadecee... i was just wonderinf :
    * the difference between flap and classic flap
    * also the reissue?
  6. well, flap is a general term used to describe all bags with the "flap over" part..sorry, i am not great at explaining things..
    the classic flap - the ones I LOVE - are the quilted ones that has the cc turn lock, they are available either in caviar or lambskin in blk/white or beige with silver or gold hardware, the strap has leather woven through the metal part.
    the reissues have the all metal chain with a mademoiselle lock, they come in a slightly different distressed looking leather.
  7. is the mademoiselle lock the square one?
  8. yes, it's the rectangular shaped turnlock
  9. thanks takeoutbox :yes: