Flap Experts..!!

  1. I am usually always on the LV forum but after going shopping today at LV, an SA in there has told me that there is a new store opening very soon in Manchester on the same floor as LV... :yahoo:

    I have always wanted to get a Chanel but not the type to travel...probably because I am lazy!! ;)

    I have been eyeing up on those gorgeous flap bags and would like to know anything I need to know...?! I don't even know names or size...?!

    So if anyone would like to teach me and thing or two...not just about flaps but other bags too is welcome?! Please?! :p

    I hear there will be some pink, purple flaps coming out in Spring...sounds tasty...!


  2. I agree...there are *SO* many wonderful photos and description in the reference thread. But be careful...going in there will make you want more and more Chanel bags!