Flap DILLEMA-woe is me

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  1. haha i never thought i would be in this sisutation where i have a problem with chanels.. but here we are teehee

    ok currently flap wise i have..
    jumbo caivar in black w SH
    xl vintage jumbo lambskin in black with GH
    pink glazed lambskin jumbo
    beige lamskin jumbo

    now i used ot have a mettalic reissue which i loved bt sold.. so i wanted another reissue..

    now im getting my hadns on a matt balck 228 (YAY)

    so.. question i will end up with 3 blacks.. should i sell the balck caviar and get white so i have one of each? or cuz they are all diff it doesnt really make a sifference?

    or get rid of the black jumbo for something else compeleltey? the 228 is s/h too
  2. Personally, i like your current collection, I won't sell the black caviar to get the white one.

    Xl Vintage jumbo lambskin is a great beauty, don't sell that too :smile:

    I think it's perfectly okay to end up with 3 blacks, because all the flaps you have are all different from one another.
    1. Vintage xl black lambskin, gh
    2. Current black jumbo caviar, sh
    3. matte black reissue 228
  3. Don't you dare sell anything and that's an order!!!! LOL!
    Even though all three are black, they're still different from one another. Besides, black is so versatile you can either dress it up or down. Go for the Matte.
  4. i knwo but do you think its too much to have 3 black flaps.. granted they are diff but they are the same at the same time if that makes sense... i dont know if its being gredy to have all balck and i should opt for another color to add
  5. Baby Boo: If somehow you feel having too many blacks is uncomfortable, choosing a different color will be better. Ultimately, you must enjoy and love your chanel bags :smile:
  6. At some point in the purchasing process my brain said no more black purses. I own four black Chanels, all different. May I suggest -- if you can, keep what you have. That said white is one of those must haves for summer; it's crisp, refreshing so you really can't go wrong with white unless you live in Alaska. (Tongue in cheek for those who live in AK.) Once past white and black, then it's a matter of what works the most with wardrobe and what you love. BTW, this is the path to addiction. . .
  7. Pleaseeeeee dont sell the Black Jumbo Caviar, thats the ultimate bag everrrr!