Flap construction

  1. Every time I snap close the inside flap I wonder what is the inside of that flap made of?? Leather, plastic, cardboard, human skin???? :graucho:
    Does anybody know what any of the rigid parts of the classic flap are made of???
  2. Yeah, what's the inside made of anyway?? LOL.. I'm curious too..
  3. Bumping this up as I'd like to know as well (and it was already on page 2):smile:
  4. Thanks, I did some research on the web but I found nothing. Looking at factory shots I cannot make out what the white stuff is...

    probably some kind of felt lining and just leather.
    I'm assuming nobody really had an accident bad enough with their bags to look inside of it.
    I feel like Curious George here.
  5. Wow, that was a great link! It looks like some kind of "facing", if I recall from a class I had to take in sewing back in middle school. But what "facing" was made from, I don't know, probably some synthetic material.
  6. Oh yes I remember this! Thanks! It's such a wonderful article.. Why? Because you know how and what your handbags are made of.. ;)
  7. human skin? i hope not. :roflmfao: