Flap colours?

  1. I was wondering if someone could list for me the flap colours (for each size) that are "permanent". I want to get a flap as my second Chanel next year, but I already have my black GST and although I would love black I don't want two bags in the same colour.

    Also, what are some of the seasonal colours that pop up quite a bit?

    Is there such thing as a beige Jumbo with silver HW?

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I know there was a beige jumbo with silver hw, can't help you with the other questions though, as I'm not 100% sure of the answers. But I'm sure it's just a matter of time before you get a black flap :p:yes:.
  3. ^ I'm sure of that, but since funds are limited I want to buy a variety before I start buying duplicates.

    Thanks! I want a jumbo and wanted black but now that black's out, I didn't know what colour to get...I'd get white but I'd freak out if the white got dirty! :wtf: And red's nice but...I'm not a red person and I don't know if there's a red jumbo...
  4. The seasonal colors all come in the jumbo size. You should be able to snag a nice color in jumbo when the new Spring stuff hits the shelves! =)

    AFAIK the classic colors are black, white and beige...and the baby/light pink used to be...but now its seasonal?
  5. I am relatively new to Chanel too, so my info is meager. I'll try to share what I know, though... The Black, Beige, White, and Light (baby) Pink are permanent colors that Chanel offers each year in the classic flaps.

    Previous colors have run the gamut from purple to green to yellow. These seasonal colors are produced in limited quantities, so they sell out quickly. Recently a gray-blue called Blue France was available in caviar E/W, lambskin Med, and caviar Jumbo. Not sure if any are still around, but you could try calling the stores.

    I heard people talking about a red recently, too, but red is a very popular flap color, so it would be very hard to find now.
  6. Ohhhh a pink jumbo would be wonderful...:love: