Flap Clutch in Regular HW

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  1. I just spoke to an SA at BalNY that told me the Flap Clutch would be available in regular hardware in the following colors:
    • Steel
    • Sienna
    • Dark Olive
    • Tomato
  2. yes, i am so glad!!! i love the clutch but hate the GH - so i am beyond happy they have it with RH! there goes more $$$$:yahoo:
  3. Good work girl! This is such a cute item! I can't wait to see it w/ rh! Thanks for the info!
  4. Amen!! I put my name down for a TOMATO!!!!!

    Sigh, one more thing to *wait* for ;)
  5. btw, do we have a real live pic of steel somewhere???
  6. Fantastic news! I am definitely getting one!
  7. Tomato would be lovely! How much does it cost with RH? Does anybody know?
  8. Yikes, she told me but I promptly forgot.

    I really hope she knew what she was talking about!!
  9. YEAH!!!!!!
    I am SO glad they are making it in RH forus RH girls! I'd love to know how much it's going to be.​
  10. So I could have sworn she said $595, which seems too little???
  11. Is it possible that she is confusing it with the POCHETTE???? ($695)

    Because I saw Bal NYs order for the Envelope Clutch and it was only classified into two categories: GOLD GIANT and SILVER GIANT.
  12. I don't know :shrugs:

    Do you have a pic of the Pochette??

    That will make me very disappointed :crybaby: Yet not surprised: she was checking her paperwork though.
  13. A tomato flap clutch with regular hardware would be so hot!
  14. I got so excited for a second...to see that flap clutch in Tomato may be available....

    Oh, well. One less thing for me to spend my money on!:P
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