Flap Bag with metal Chanel Signature

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Can someone tell me how much and the name of the bag on the chanel.com website is, it is in the COLLECTIONS, SPRING/SUMMER 2007, Number 3 picture?

    It has the CC Signature all over a black flap bag in silver and gold metal different sizes??

  2. I think it's called the "Punk" but I'm not 100% sure and it costs about 4800€ (ca. 6500$). It cots the same as the reissue with all the different stickers on it. Both styles are very limited.
  3. I think its fairly new. Its a white flap bag with gold and silver Chanel logos all over it....thanks ;)
  4. thanks! its not the one though. the design on the bag are just chanel logos....thanks anyway :smile:
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  6. I saw that bag recently in a fashion magazine - I have at home...sorry don't have it with me.
  7. is it the one nicole richie has in this pic?

  8. Here's another white with charms/studs ... The nicole one was probably the one you're talking about.

    I think this one is called star attitude:
  9. yes, the one nicole ritchie has is the one i'm looking for! thanks :smile:

    does anyone have a close-up of the pic?
  10. ... now here's the hard part. I can't find a pic, plus I'm practically a Chanel newbie (I have a red vintage flap, precious symbols pochette and denim cabas), so please bear with me.

    It's a black leather small to medium-sized shoulder bag (chain), it has silver hardware and on the black quilted leather, CC symbols in various sizes, all over the bag. I have first seen it this fall in Vogue (I think) and I remember seeing it on Mischa Barton somewhere. It almost looks rocker chic to me. This bag is THE Chanel bag for me :sweatdrop: :love:

    Does anyone know its name and where to get it? Is it hard to find, or impossibly expensive, or limited or... KWIM? TIA!! :yes:
  11. Hi South-of-France!

    The bag is called the "Punk" flap. There was a thread on it with some pics here: http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel/punk-reissue-94308.html

    It was a LE piece with an insane price tag of at least $4K (maybe even $4.5K)! :wtf: But it's a very cute bag. I don't know if there are any floating around, but if the price doesn't scare you off, you may want to check into it. I don't have a reference number or anything to give you, though. Sorry! HTH.
  12. ^You rock, thank you so much!!



    But the price is really up there. Dang I guess the chances of finding this used or on sale are slim. Awwwww!!!
  13. ^The one Mischa Barton has is different. I think it was called the Lucky Charms bag or something like that. Trying to find a pic.
  14. [​IMG]

    Oh how bizarre! I could've sworn I saw another thread where she had that one ^. Then again, she has so many.