Flap Bag with Braided Handles

  1. [​IMG]

    is this bag out in stores yet? it looks lovely.
  2. my chanel boutique called me last week and they had one came in in black. This is from the lady braid line, retail is like $1995 I think.....but the SA told me it is even smaller than my Modern Chain Flap bag so i passed onto it.
  3. its cute, but have 2 admit there's too much going on regarding the handles
  4. hikaru - thanks for the reply. how much does the MC flap bag fit, so i can get an idea of the size? i have the timeless classic as well in i believe the 226 size (the one with a double flap) which will help me visualize how much can fit into this lady braid bag.
  5. I can fit about the same amount of things in my MC flap as in my 226 because the mc flap is only single flap and the bag is less structured. So, with the lady braid i guess at most I can only fit my keys, wallet, cellphone and maybe a lipstick.