Flap Bag / Silver hardware SP 289

  1. lol, i was waiting for someone to post this one slinks :p...it looks really cool & totally authentic to me...and just the name alone "flap bag" makes me smile :wlae:
  2. But how is it "one year old"? Think they mean thats whey THEY purchased??
  3. It's possible that things move slower at Le Bon Marche in Paris and they had old stock? or else the owner may be wrong about the age, esp if she hasn't used it much! :shrugs:
  4. Too bad there's that spot on the front/ I wonder if LMB can fix that?

    Girls with this style bag, what's the good stuff and what's the bad about this design? Do you really use that secret mirror? :p
  5. I carry mine everyday. PRO's: very large interior pocket, funky cool 70's style

    cons: SMALL INTERIOR (SLIGHTLY larger than the first)

    I put my stuff in it and thought it fit great, but using it for work is a little difficult. i have to "unload" it to get to stuff on bottom.

    If you "like" the space of the first, YOU WILL LOVE THE FLAP!!

    IF THE FIRST IS TOO SMALL, move on to a city (skip the flap)

  6. i never have:heart: