Flap bag: Patent Purple or TriColor Fabric?

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  1. hello ladies,

    i just got a call from my SA.
    She got the TriColor fabric flap bag in which supposedly was on a long waitlist but i didnt care and told her to call me as soon as it gets in (they always like to hype things up dont they?).
    The above bag is in. I only saw it in the top zipper version (not sure of the name) but it was gorgeous in real life and the colours much more lively than in the picture.
    On wednesday she will be getting in a maxi in purple patent, so I am wondering what to do...
    I have always wanted bright colours in my collection.. but can only get one at a time..
    I dont have a pic of the purple patent.

    Any suggestions?:shrugs:

    picture uploaded through tpf

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  2. Maxi in purple patent? :faint: Are you sure?
  3. hello beautylicious,

    that is what she said on the message?:confused1: will check on wednesday.. is it a good or bad thing?
  4. Haha, I don't know, to be honest. I didn't know the Maxi would come in patent too :shrugs:

    But purple and patent sounds gorgeous to me :nuts:
  5. really?
    hmm, well i will hopefully find out on wednesday.
    i really wanted the lambskin in purple but i suppose in patent it should be cool too..

    does anyone have prices for them?

  6. Wow! Are you gettig it from Monte Carlo boutique? Does this mean they have purple patent flaps in Europe? Or is it possible that she meant to say lambskin?
  7. Wow! Purple patent Maxi??? That would be gorgeous! I would go with that if they actually have that bag. I didn't think they were coming out with Patents in the Maxi this season.
  8. She probably meant lambskin? Wow patent will be awesome
  9. A Maxi in Patent? :wtf: I will fall off this ban wagon so fast ....
  10. Aww i didn't think the MAXI will come in purple!! Now i m hoping for a PINK!!

    Demicouture, i've seen the tricolor flap bag IRL and i think it's lovely!! I would have gotten it if not i already have 3 reissues. I wanna get one with Interlocking CC as my next one :P
  11. Really? Purple patent will look stunning!
  12. purple patent..... ohhhh love it!
  13. thanks ladies!!
    i listened to her voicemail again and she did say "un GRAND" here they dont call them maxi so lets hope it is what she said it is.
    and she said VERNIS :yahoo:

    i am off to cannes today as it is a holiday in monaco so lets see if i can see anythign at chanel there...
  14. oh my gosh cannes and monaco are my dream vacation destinations have fun and happy shopping!!!
  15. oh the purple sounds amazing!!