Flap bag of MAMMOTH perportions!!!

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  1. I was browsing old RTW shows when I came across this mammoth flap bag. I'm not sure if it was ever sold or if it was just for show. When I saw it I :wtf::faint:
    The only info I have is that is was from FW 1990-1991. As I have an obsession with with vintage Chanel I ran back here for any info on this amazing bag.

    Does anyone here own one or ever seen it in person?? How is it to carry, what's the size and what type of leather is it made of?? If you have one could you post pix?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh and pay no mind to the "Titanic" of all flaps at the back of the runway.

    It appears at 0:51

  2. This one?! It's huge!

    Thanks for sharing this video - so great to see an early 90's collection!

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  3. Yes isn't it amazing??

    Don't ask me what I'd put inside a bag that big, but if I had it I'd figure it out latter. I did a bit of poking around and I did spot what looks like the same one but I'm not sure. I sure would love to get my hands on one. I simply adore unique vintage Chanel pieces of the 90's.

  4. i've seen this huge flap on sale on annsfabulousfinds some time around last year or 2 years ago
  5. That's one FAAAAAAABULOUS flap!

    There is a patent one of similar proportions on eBay and I must confess I have been looking at it quite a lot
  6. that is HUUUUGGGEEEEEE:woot: but at the same time.. its classic and gorgeous!
  7. Omg that is like an overnight bag hahaha
  8. WOW that is HUGE!!!
    i don't think i will ever be able to carry that since i'm quite petite hehe
  9. Dang, that thing is gigantic!

    Way too big for everyday wear..
  10. Wow .. Is This XXL? Love to see irl .. Any idea how much is this (if available )?
  11. Whoa baby...that's what I call a bag! A real statement piece!
  12. Loooooovvvvvveeeeee it! I have seen that one in London portobello Road in that vintage store! Not for sale but its an eye candy.... Love it!
  13. That is one LARGE FLAP!!!!! :woot::cloud9:
  14. Isn't amazing??

    I've seen it as well it's a XXL Reissue. It's massive but not quite as grand as the monster flap. From what I know they were limited edition. I've also seen them made in a canvas material. I'd much rather have the one in the clip I think it's so unique.

    Here's a few of the reissue.
  15. The reissue is a xxl.

    I'm sure about the pricing. I'm sure it's insane though, just thinking about the price increases for a regular flap one this big must be like 6k :shocked: I'm curious to know if either are still made. Possibly the flap is a special order item??