1. That many moo!
  2. They keep bringing out new ones GnB ....:shrugs::shrugs::shrugs:
  3. I think I have an inkling, Moo, but my lips are sealed. :cool:
    (If I'm right I was actually tempted by "big sister"!)
  4. That Wulie is the one to watch! ;)

    Looking forward to all the reveals xx
  5. lol IWANB! (although I was never quite top of the quantity queen rankings, even though I was giving it a good go last year).
    Nothing really tempting me at this point I have to say. I'm going to Paris at the end of the month and am planning on popping into "Bal central", however the recent price increases might even put me off there too!
  6. I was tempted but not quite enough to order anything :faint:
  7. what's happening to us, smally?! :nuts:
  8. There's some really good reductions on Flannels, wish there was something there I was looking for with the extra 8% from Quidco....I mean there's already some items there that are pratically half price.....
  9. :biggrin:

    Nothing really tempting me either. I love the coloured union jack oak bayswater limited to Selfridges but doubt it will hit the sale. Even if it did I am scared of oak bays so would be a non sensible buy for me. Plus bays is awkward to use with the kids. I quite fancy a Louis Vuitton Speedy B next so should focus on that :p.

    Saving your money will make for a fun Paris trip! xx
  10. I don't know wulie, it's the dark Bal forces at work I think :devil:

    I bought loads in the last 2 sales and only have 1 or 2 of them left now

  11. What is tempting you in the Mulberry sale, Smally? xx
  12. ...or is that the dark night Bal forces, Smally?! :ninja:

    Well we (in the royal sense) have been busy this afternoon - there are a few bags disappeared from the website now!

    Ooh new smilies - totally random, but I like this one - :panic: !
  13. The Postmans Lock Satchel in the khaki silky snake is about the only one but I keep telling myself that I had the Edie in all 3 colours and only have 1 left now so maybe that wouldn't be a good purchase for me.

    I'm waiting on vouchers from M for a faulty bag so if they arrive before the sale starts in store I may go and have a look but if not I'll just wait and see if anything appeals next season.

    Is anything tempting you?
  14. Thank You - :smile: