Flannel Paraty Reveal


Oct 10, 2006
I really didn't need another bag :-s but the one gap I felt I had was a quality light colored bag. When I got the Paraty in Nut, I thought that would do it but it's just a bit darker than would be my first choice. So what comes along but the Paraty in Flannel. I had not seen that color before and I Googled away but it also seemed almost white, which worried me. Finally I took the leap and I'm so glad I did. It's like a rich cream. Of course it's the beautiful Chloe leather but the color is just what I hoped for and here she is!

I would not wear this with jeans without being extremely careful (and even then probably not), but when you are wanting that beautiful spring/summer look, the Flannel Paraty is just right. The third picture is probably most representative of the color. I notice a lot of online photos such as Selfridges make the bag seem just slightly lighter than it is.


Sep 23, 2009
Oooh! Flannel is such a beautiful color...and most online photos don't seem to do it justice (although your photos capture the color nicely). The color is so beautiful in person. It's almost bone in color, but with the slightest pink undertone. Chloe always make the most interesting neutral colors. Perfect for spring and all year round, actually. Congrats and enjoy!!


Jul 30, 2006
Gorgeous! Reminds me of the color sable that chloe did many years ago in the Paddington. It ended up being one of the most sought after colors in that bag.