Flame Warriors!!!

  1. Someone posted this URL at a different message board. I found it to be quite interesting.


    Are you a "Nanny", a "Godfather", or "Bulldog"?
  2. Cute!
  3. I can't believe someone actually took the time to write up all those definitions, but it is so true!! I've seen so many trolls.:lol:
  4. i love those! i spent like 20 minutes this afternoon laughing and nodding. so true! :smile:

    i'm pretty sure this one is most of us. :smile:

    For Coffee Klatch the discussion forum is a social gathering - like Mah Jong or Wednesday morning canasta club. Coffee Klatch prefers a friendly, chatty environment and almost always limits her participation to non-technical forums. Whether inadvertently or by design, Coffee Klatch prepares the battlefield in her favor by making it soggy with pleasant, but vapid messages - her favorite phrase often being, "thanks for sharing". This renders the battlefield rather slow going for swifter and more powerful Warriors. CAUTION: If war does break out she will shed her benign facade and attack mired Warriors without remorse.

    until someone invades our forum then we're this:
    Cyber Sisters are an extremely fierce confederation of fighting females who act something like a shrill Greek chorus, echoing and amplifying one another's voice until their foes retreat in disarray. They are generally leaderless, but anyone who challenges one Cyber Sister can expect to be savagely attacked by the others. Only the most powerful and battle-hardened of Warriors is strong enough to weather a Cyber Sisters attack.

  5. ^^ I agree!

    I liked the one called Godfather - sound familiar??;)
  6. That's REALLY funny!

    Thanks for sharing, next time someone plays up to me online I'm PMing them the link to their warrior.

  7. haaaaahahaha

    the entire time i was thinking of people that are a) Sofa King Banned or b) still trolling around here that fit each section. HA!
  8. So far I've ran into Bulldog, Trolls, Jerk, Fanboy, Newbie, and the Swarm (probably a bunch of others that I cannot remember now). I'd like to become the "Kungfu Master" or "Godfather" though.:lol:
  9. Lol!