"Flame"ing hot Minkies--show us YOUR Flame.

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  1. We need a flame thread for all the gorgeous new Flame satchels coming out so we can keep them all together like the other bags have. So let's have it....show us your Flame!:graucho:
  2. Brown Linear studded

    Attached Files:

  3. Olive Quilted! I :love: this bag...
  4. ^ I just got one too and I love it. I'll post pictures pronto!
  5. nice musicjunkie5!
    Can't wait to see it littlerock. :biggrin:
    I am anxious to see the woven flame. Does anyone know if it's coming out in anything besides cream and blue?
  6. Oh...woven flame would be soooo pretty!!!
  7. *banging head on keyboard*
  8. *places a pillow/cushion on the keyboard so baghaggie won't hurt herself* :P lol
  9. Hags I thought you were cured?? :sneaky:
  10. The fever. . . yes. . . however a "sore throat" pops up every now and then! LOL!
  11. Asteralice has the black quilted, there is a code for 30% off, so it's $346.50. Code is "save30"
  12. I hear ya :yes: !
  13. Posting another smoking flame! Love this bag. :biggrin:



  14. such beautiful beautiful bags ladies.

    i canceled my quilted flame because i was scared it was too small.

    please prove me wrong ladies.

    especially you littlerock, you haven't spoiled us with mod shots in a very long time. i miss your outfits!

    and hgg, i adore the heavy metal flame. i wish i had it in me to rock the studs... i want to find my inner edge :sad: are the studs subtle IRL?
  15. The flame is a GREAT size booksandbags! It's not as heavy as the mam either, even with the studs IMO. I don't think the studs are that blingy in real life. They are gunmetal up against the black leather, so they work really well together. :yes:
    I am a stay at home mom to 4 kiddos.....can I rock this bag.....:lolots: I don't care, I love it!