Flaky achy skin no more! (Plus eczema sort of no more)

  1. Note: I don't know whether I spelt anything in the title correctly...

    I suffer from crazy eczema all down my arms and my eye area is usually flaking during this change of season to Autumn (I live in the south half of the globe), and it usually hurts and itches like crazy. My arms suffer an even worse fate of having eczema, so in other words I feel and look like crap this time of the year ever since five years ago.

    My mum, and this is where I make a giant apology to her, once gave me a cream called 'Yuskin-A', but this cream is kind of bright yellow, and I didn't know what the hell it was, so I got quite angry at her, saying the last thing I needed was random crap on my already irritated skin. She told me it was a famous cream in Japan that everyone uses for dry skin, but I didn't believe her (mind you, she had been putting all sorts of stuff on my arms, like honey and aspirin and stuff, the aspirin really killed my arms) so I ignored the jar.

    I then went to a doctor when I was in Taiwan and he gave me this cream for my eczema and my dry skin. I gave it a try then, and oh my God it has cured me of my flaking problem! And you only need a tiny bit, and it's not greasy at all. It soothes my eczema, I can't say it's gotten rid of it but it is certainly less frequent and not as bad!

    http://www.yu-be.com - that's the American site, in America it's called 'Yu-be', in Asia it's called 'Yuskin-A'.

    http://www.yu-be.com/bio.html - here's their info. It's a very famous cream in Asia.

    http://www.meccacosmetica.com.au/brand-detail.aspx?b=47 - and mecca cosmetica carries it.

    Seriously, this stuff saved my face, and if anyone else has flaky dry skin I really, really must share with all of you! Wheee! It's really passed the test, my skin has not flaked at all!
  2. That's good to know. A few of the guys at work, have children with eczema. I'll have to tell them about it. Maybe their pediatrician will let them try it. I'm glad it gave you some relief.