Flaking lining on vintage .. will it ever stop????

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  1. Hi .. I am new to TPF, with this wonderful blue leather vintage Gucci .. the leather lining is flaking madly, an endless cloud of flakes. I was thinking, ok I got a good deal, I will pay to re-line it. Then I thought ... WAIT, eventually all the leather glazing (is that what flakes off?) will be gone and it will stop ... (or will it?)
    Or can I gently brush the rest off?
    Oh experienced Gucci people .. what have you done about this?
  2. [​IMG]
  3. In my experience it really depends on how much you are plannning on carrying your vintage bag. If it is an everyday bag I would suggest relining it so that you don't have to worry about the flakes. I have gotten a couple of my bags relined because I just hate the flaking....it's really annoying to me! I'm happier now that I don't have to worry about it. Hope that helps a little.
  4. I would not worry about it so much unless you plan on carrying it forever. Most vintage bags have this and it is annoying but I would not spend that much relining a bag unless it will be used very often.
  5. Thanks for ideas .. ya I am thinking of using it a lot .. so beautiful and 'experienced', perfect size 9x12, great for jeans etc. I'll get the $$ estimate for relining.
  6. i'm also curious to hear what's the range for re-lining. have a vintage from late 70s/early 80s & while it's in great condition inside & outer canvas...the leather seems to have the same issues as mentioned.
  7. Someone on a board said $200ish .. I am sending this to Gucci service place and will post when I find out how much.
  8. Received the evaluation back from Gucci Service ... the relining of the navy bag will be $260 .. ow!
    I am going to do it. I really like that bag.
    I also got an evaluation/estimate for a new shoulder strap for a little tan vintage bag, that was $160...I was a little surprised at how high, but they have to match color etc. I will pass on that and try to do it with a local shop.
    Gal on the phone also gave me an approx. price to replace round GG zipper pull: $55.
  9. a friend of mine also has the same problem with her gucci handbag.i was thinking of brushing most the flaking off and then spraying the interior with a scotch guard so no further flaking would happen. has anyone tried anything similar?
  10. Oh I'd like to hear about that too .. because I have another vintage bag with light flaking ..
  11. My lovely navy vintage shoulder bag is back from Gucci Service with its new lining. It looks great, the new lining is substantial yet soft smooth leather. The outer handbag was not disassembled (someone said they do that) .. I can tell by the way the lining is attached up near the ends of the zipper. Hmm there's no label; now I'm red-faced to say I can't remember if it had one! The bag is good for another ?? thirty years, has slightly more body with the new insides but bends slightly to fit against me. It is 9 x 14, a good sized shoulder bag, and the brass and silver-colored fittings are beautiful.
    I'm glad I did it .. tho the total cost was $280 .. (plus original cost of the bag on eBay) .. don't tell me, I probably could have bought a good condition vintage bag for that!
    I don't suppose I would do it again .. unless I fall in love with another great vintage bag that needs saving!
  12. I have a vintage quilted Bally bag with major flaking problems. It looks wonderful on the outside, but awful in the inside to the point that it is unusable. Anybody know of a place in San Diego that I can trust to do a good job with relining my purse?
  13. I just posted something about this the other day in the Gucci Vintage thread. I have a very flakey gucci boston from the 80s. Flakes everywhere. I took a vacuum to it...put the brush head attachment on to the hose and it suctioned out all of the blue flakes. The bag is perfect now and the lining looks kind of cool...like a light blue microfiber. Give it a try. It took a little work, but worth the time (about 20 minutes).
  14. Thanks. I will give it a try. I have a feeling relining might be quite pricey.
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