Flaking hardware?

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  1. I have a pre-loved plum Reissue 227. Soon after I bought it, I noticed that the hardware (darkish silver?) was starting to flake off to reveal a bronze-y and lighter silver underneath. After a few days the finish could be peeled off in flakes.

    has this happened to anyone? Does anyone know of a place that will refinish hardware?

  2. Youll have to take it to the Chanel Boutique, they can replace the hardware.
  3. is your bag really old? i have only encountered this once, with a pre-loved shoulder bag that was 32 years old. the zipper pull flakes. i still own it and never fixed it. the hardware will do that on some items (LV items are famous for this flaking of hardware). hardware can be replaced, but since it's pre-loved i don't know if Chanel would do it or not. start by calling a local boutique and go from there.
  4. If Chanel won't, you might wa t to contact Leather Surgeons. Contact them via email and send pics. They will let you know if they can fix and the cost. They've re-guilded hardware on a few vintage bags for me and it turned out great.