Flagship Store Experience

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I was at a flagship Louis Vuitton store a few days ago to pick up my agenda from hot stamping. I had brought my agenda refills with me in a plastic baggy and put it in the shopping bag with my agenda and was walking out of the store.

    As I'm walking out the security alarm goes off. The security rushed over and another sales associate rushed over and took the shopping bag from my hand. She started taking the agenda out and quite roughly dug her fingers into all the card slots and pockets looking for the tag I assume. ( I was worried about her stretching and cracking the glazing). Then the security guard looks in the bag and takes out the plastic bag of refills and asked "is this yours?" I said yes and he asked me what it was. Then the sales associate takes it and flips through every page (with my notes written in them) to finally see the little Louis Vuitton tag with the security tag. She takes it and gives me back my bag and says "sorry about that" quietly and walks off.

    This lasted a couple minutes in front of the store main entrance. I also don't understand why he would ask me if my refills were mine. And since the SA knew those were agenda refills that might have private information written in them I think she should've asked me before taking it out of the bag and searching through the pages.

    Not sure if I'm overreacting here. Also, I apologize for the long rant.

    Can anyone give me their insight on this?

    Thank you 😊
  2. I am sure the SA was just nervous because you can get in trouble if you leave a security tag on at a luxury store. It disrupts "the luxury experience" and some store managers flip out.
  3. Even though the sales associate may not have meant to offend you, it could have been handled in a more professional way. Instead of rushing over and taking your bag, the better approach would have been to ask you back into the store and explain what they were checking for before doing so. Sorry this happened and this is most likely not a regular occurrence so don't let it taint your overall outlook and experience. Best wishes.
  4. Enjoy Paris and don't let it bother you!
  5. To the above commentators,

    I greatly appreciate your input on my experience! Thank you again! :biggrin: