Flacky Buyers

  1. Anyone else having a rash of non-paying bidders and returns that are absolutly insane??

    Bag sells- no word from buyers. When I finally get them on the phone they say I don't want it but I was going to send you a letter. Gee it's the Chrismas season and now it's too late to list for Christmas.

    Bag sells, buyer pays, I ship, they get it and tell me they want to return because my measurements were way off. Okay, I offer a money back anyway so no problem, but I do feel back if I have listed something inaccurately. I get the bag back and my measurements are right on the money. So why can't they just say I got it and it's not what I had in mind instead of making up something that is not true????
  2. Sorry you happened it. Some of sellers will refuse to issue refund if they already described bag accurately.
  3. UGH, NPBs drive me nuts, especially because by the time you know it's not going to happen anymore, it's been almost two weeks, plus you lose your listing fees and it's so much trouble!

    I particularly hate the ones that snipe at the very end, then you don't hear from them for a week afterward. Why why WHY do people buy things they can't afford??
  4. Ny problem is that as a buyer, I get sniped at the end, then the buyer apparently doesn't come thru with the payment, & I see the item I wanted relisted.
    I'm getting where I don't even go after the item I wanted anymore. I don't make a second try b/c I know it will happen again.
  5. I'm dealing with 3 NPB right now (no response yet from any of them), and I've had 5 in the last month alone. It's getting really ridiculous. It's so annoying because my items were expensive to list and I'm out the money for listing fees. I'm going on vacation for 3 weeks so I can't even relist them and possibly re-coop those fees. I was hoping to sell my items before Christmas and some irresponsible bidders messed that plan up. I also think it's absolutely horrible of eBay to make the seller pay the listing fees for NPB- the entire listing should become void.
  6. I recently had a NPB, giving me excuse after excuse and kept saying she was going to pay. In the end, I told her I had no choice but to file a non paying bidder to get my fees back, and that's what I did.

    eBay should be set up, so that once the bidder has won, it automatically get's charged to their credit card, so theres no backing out.
  7. Honestly, I don't mind if they buy something and when they get it it's just not what they wanted as long as it is within the time limit for returns. But just be honest and say that don't try and blame it on me.

    eBay needs to do something about the non-paying bidder problem.
  8. ^^ I am having the same problem with one of my buyers. She told me that her Paypal account is resetting her password and she can't get into it. Finally she told me that it's not working so she will send me a cashier's check. Okay, well I don't accept cashier's check. My auction states clearly that I only take Paypal. Whatever....I went ahead and agreed to it. Still nothing!!!

    On the otherhand, I have an NPB that won't answer my emails. It's just soooo annoying.

    I definitely agree with Rai about this:

    Ebay should be set up, so that once the bidder has won, it automatically get's charged to their credit card, so theres no backing out.
  9. Ugh! I have 3 open disputes right now for NPB's!!! :cursing: