Fjord vs.Togo . Need your help!!!

  1. If any of you guys have Birkins in Fjord, how do they hold up? Are they too heavy and rigid?

    Although, look wise both leathers look similar, which one do you prefer and why? Any input is greatly appreciated.

    Also, is Fjord water proof or is it a myth?
  2. Fjord is very resistant to water, yes, and I personally think it wears like IRON.
    It has more of a matte finish than Togo, at least to my eye, but it has a very slight "sparkle", almost like the difference between palladium and ruthenium, if palladium were togo--a clean, clear shine, and ruthenium were Fjord--almost a brushed finish.
    I find that Fjord is not appreciably heavier than Togo, but it is more rigid (which I personally like).
    To me, the graining of Fjord is also a bit flatter and wider than that of Togo. It's not quite as raised or textured, at least not in the same way.
    Fjord also makes a nice swishing sound when you run your hand over it :love:

    I hope this helps a bit, I am sure others will have lots and lots more to add.
  3. Thank you so much Cynthia for such a detailed description. I must be an addict because I started to literary salivate when you were describing the leather. I need help. LOL

    But on a more serious note, it does help, i tried to get as much info as possible but didn't see all that much written about Fjord. I even went on luxwear site, she has a nice little description about leathers there.
  4. ^Yes Cynthia thank you for the description!
  5. Cynthia, that is a great description. I know that alot of folks think Fjord is heavier but that may have been years ago. I have a fjord and togo and they don't feel any different. I prefer the grain of fjord and my fjord also has less noticiable striations which I also prefer...
  6. I have a bolide in fjord and enjoy it! It does wear very well, and doesn't seem heavy at all--when I think of my bolide, it just seems very light-probably lighter than my birkin in chevre.
    It is very matte as Cynthia mentioned, and almost has a dry feel (not in a bad way) to it--that is what creates the sound when you run your hand over it.
    I enjoy it for it's hardiness and stiffness---it makes for a very structured bag.
  7. Maybe I should be a food writer?! LOL!
  8. Well you got my vote :tup:
  9. I have a birkin in fjord and it DOES wear very well. However, I don't LOVE the matte feel to it. It feels very...dry. I like the way the togo feels better.

    In my opinion I would go with togo. Even though I DO love my birkin, I am fairly certain I won't be getting another bag in fjord.
  10. Thank you Nathansgirl, i think you made me swing towards Togo after all.