Fjord v Togo

  1. is Fjord significantly more expensive than togo? The order I placed for my choc Birkin with the orange is Togo, but I'm starting to think I like the qualities of Fjord more......stiffer (I'm not into too slouchy) and I like the smoother grain (less raised KWIM?). But I still want it casual-looking, and hardy, as this will be my 'play' bag ;) ?
  2. When I look at Fjord leather, the first thing that come to mind is that it gives a more "majestic" feel to the bag.
  3. Fjord might be heavier than Togo?
  4. I have never seen fjord IRL Sounds beautiful.I'm not into slouchy either.I had a sa once tell me that after awhile that togo loses it's shape. I wonder if any one can tell me if that is true.I don't think it's true.I have never heard anyone mention this before.
  5. I have Birkins in both togo and Fjord. Togo is softer and Fjord is stiffer. Fjord is heavier than togo in general. But if you are getting a Birkin in 30cm, weight difference between Fjord and togo is not that noticeable. But I think Fjord in 35cm is quite heavy IMO.
  6. I don't think Fjord is significantly more expensive than Togo--I believe mine was around $6800 for a 35cm. Fjord, while gorgeous and hardy, is very heavy. It also has a more matte finish IMO than my Togo.
  7. Birkin 35 bags are weighty even when not stuffed. Personally, I could never carry a 35 in Fjord even though it's one of the best for taking on colors.
    Kristie, if you want super-casual, go for Clemence. Togo will keep it's shape a little better, though.
  8. price may be similar, however, it is like comparing kleenex to stainless steal, if you like firm bags... togo soft... gentle cow, , fjord...hard like a viking!
  9. ohh - I'm glad I popped back in here - I was just about to call them and change it.......

    I love clemence, but I don't want "slouchy".......boy, I'm bloody difficult, aren't I? I should just stick to the togo....LOL!
  10. No, you are not difficult at all! clemence is like the butter of the soft cow!... I actually avoid it... smuchy, and holds no shape at all!:wtf: :sad: :supacool:
  11. OK....that's it, if it's not toolate to change it, I'm going with Fjord.
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