fjord or vl for b40

  1. ? just wondering which leather would you pick if you need a b as a handbag for flights.
  2. VL in ebene with phw.
  3. Probably VL, LILACH just because it might be lighter!!!
  4. I say VL aswell, b/c it's definately lighter!
  5. forgot to add the colour in questions is rouge H gold hardware
  6. Rouge H in VL is a bit darker than in other leathers.....but I would still prefer it to Fjord, but then I don't particularly like Fjord, so I might not be objective!
  7. I vote for VL too. :tup:
  8. Another for VL.
  9. I love Fjord!
  10. Rouge H in VL is absolutely gorgeous and rich. Definitely my pick. I agree with S'Mom about the lightness. Even though Fjord seems lighter this season than in the past, I think VL would be lighter in a 40.
  11. I would vote VL for sure, however Rouge H in Fjord is absolutely gorgeous (I've never seen it in VL) I guess I am of no help...
  12. I'll take whatever I can get, :p so I guess I'm no help either.
  13. Another vote for VL because it is lighter, especially for travel :tup:

    Btw, glad to have you back lilach!!! :yes:
  14. definitely VL......can you load them both up and give it a test lift? Fjord is great but super duper heavy especially in a pics? let's see, let's see!!!!
  15. well seems like you are on the same track like me and favor vl.

    HC i don´t have them yet i just realised long time ago that a 35 is not enough for me for travelling so i wanted a 40 in rh with gh preferrably vl. so now the fjord became available and got me thinking (as i know of course the cons of fjord) but it seems like i have to pass and wait for the vl to appear as you all are right vl is the better choice for a travel leather

    thanks again for your votes :tup: