Fjord opinions

  1. Hi, i know fjord leather was written about in previous threads, but maybe there are updated opinions.

    How heavy is the fjord? i might be able to get a 30cm fjord birkin in a bright color (i'll keep it a surprise so as not to disappoint you all in case i don't like IRL).

    how do bright colors look like on the fjord? and is it heavy in the 30cm?
  2. Bright colors take very well in Fjord--they appear quite bright in general. In a 35cm, Fjord is pretty heavy IMO, but in a 30cm it should be pretty manageable. Overall I love Fjord--holds its shape brilliantly and is a workhorse leather.
  3. I have a friend who owns a Fjord bag and loves it. She says it is heavy, but it is also one of her favorites.
  4. um, babyhart, where have you been?
    you're on to fjord now - that's marvelous. i think it's an absolutely gorgeous leather... but where on earth is your practically brand new bolide????????
  5. what other bags/leathers does she have that she compares the fjord to? comparisons are so valuable.
  6. Baggs has a Fjord Birkin 30 - I'd pm her and ask how it compares with the weight of her other 30cm Birkins. :smile:
  7. I LOVE fjord. I was going to do my SO in brown fjord, but was told it would be too heavy (and didn't come in chocolate).
  8. HH, although I can't speak for the 30cm, I can compare Fjord in a 35cm to Togo and Chevre. It is heavier than Togo, but not significantly so...just enough for it to be noticeable when you are carrying a lot of things in there; this is generally true of all 35s. Fjord is just a bit thicker so it's pretty heavy in a loaded 35cm.
  9. ^^LOL i didn't start this thread (for once).
    but i am relishing all the fjord talk. love it. and thank you for posting that orchids, love thinking about that thick leather. how wonderful.
  10. I would think in a 30 it wouldn't be that bad. I love fjord - I think it's such a nice durable leather.
  11. :heart:YUM:heart:
  12. My 35cm black Kelly is Fjord and I think it is equal to or even a touch lighter than my 30cm togo Birkin. But, let's face it, it you are a person who has a problem with heavy bags then 1. Chevre is your first choice and 2. Maybe Hermes isn't for you.
  13. I got a Fjord 37 HAC in Natural. I really like the leather texture. Also, it comes with a good strong leather smell. It's quite heavy compare with 35. I think 30 is not so bad though.

    Another light leather suggestion would be swift.
  14. I have a plume in fjord and the colour is quite bright (brighter than the equiv in chevre or veau miroir). It is heavy indeed.
  15. I have a Fjord Birkin in Marron Fonce, let me tell you, I think this is the lightest bag out of my 6 Birkins. Comparing them all Fjord is lighter than Clemence, Vache Liegee, Togo and Box! What I personally love about this leather is that it's a leather that has not softened yet, I noticed that both my Togo and Clemence Birkins have slouched a little, not the Fjord and it's the oldest one. It's still standing erect! Just how I like it! Oh and in the rain, no worries, it's a very thirsty leather!


    The Fjord is the one on the left, look how it's stands next to my Togo.


    Here is a picture of it closed;