Fjord Leather

  1. Hi ladies,

    Wonder if there are any fjord fans out there who can share about their love for this leather? Thanks so much!
  2. I love the matte finish fjord's lighter weight too than they used to be.
  3. I have a fjord bolide and I love the leather for it's strucure and the way it can withstand abuse and bad weather.
    In the past others have found this to be heavy, but that has not been my experience.
  4. I'm wondering - is it really heavier than togo or clemence? I mean, I don't even feel a difference between the weight of togo and clemence. Is it a concern at all?
  5. My SA said it used to be the heaviest leather but it has been showing up at the stores a lot lighter in weight recently. In addition - more than once, he has commented that it's his (and many of the SA's) favorite leather...nice mixture of matte and sheen (in the veins) and the veins are more sporatic (vs. linear as some of the new togos are appearing). In addition, virtually weatherproof and the colors appear divine in this skin.

    I would love a fjord one day!!
  6. TammyD, I have only seen Rouge Vif and Gold in Fjord. Fjord has such a beautiful feel to it. I hope to own something in Fjord some time ....
  7. I just got a marron fonce HAC in fjord. I love the matte texture, and I personally didn't find it particularly heavy.

    I saw a bag at my local boutique this weekend in black fjord, and it is gorgeous in black.
  8. I love fjord! I have a kelly fjord! will post pic later
  9. I love this leather for the way in which it absorbs color. As for the weight, it really does vary from piece to piece. A piece I received earlier this year came in much much lighter than my older Birkin; the skin almost behaved like Clemence. But then a Kelly that came subsequent to that came in with the same thickness as my older piece which is pretty heavy--definitely heavier than my Togo or Clemence. It's a great all around leather with a thick masculine look to it and it wears well over time. An SA I spoke with who's been around for 20 years counted it as one of his favorite leathers after Chevre.
  10. It is one of my favorite skins. I love the irredescent quality. I personally don't find it any heavier than togo or clemence...they all feel about the same weight to me, but I've only had bags from the last couple years.
  11. Thanks everyone! I feel so much better now about the weight. I have to say, I really love the way this leather makes the color sparkle. It looks luxurious and rich, like the leather version of cashmere.
  12. ITA! I've only seen it in Noir and it was literally drool worthy. I adore the new fjord!
  13. Hi,

    I am debating between getting an black 35 cm birkin with gold hardware in togo or fjord leather. Can anyone give me some input? I think i want the fjord, but not sure how I feel about the veining. Thanks so much!
  14. I have a gold fjord 40cm birkin and a black togo 35 cm birkin with GHW. I do not find the fjord to be heavier than my 35cms. I love the leather and think it a black fjord birkin with GHW would be fabulous and much more sophisticated than the togo birkin. Best of luck with your selection
  15. I love fjord. I have a prune fjord birkin and I love it. I love the matte finish. The bag does have a more masculine feel because it does not have a buttery soft texture and its grains and veins (most of them have veins) are more prominent. One of my favourite colour is rouge vif in fjord.