Fjallraven mini Kanken backpack

  1. Does anyone have this? Please tell / show me all about this little cutie :smile:
  2. Anybody ?
  3. I can't really tell much more than it's really tiny. My goddaughter has one and it looks OK on her. As for a grownup - well, it's tiny.
    The quality is good, and a Kånken will serve you for a decade if you take time to scrub it clean and wax it at least once a year. A friend of mine has a sun yellow Kånken, it's 4 yrs old and still a lovely bright, clean yellow. She scrubs it with hot water and soap once a year, treats it with Fjällräven Greenland Wax and it stays gorgeous!
    You can find a whole bunch of good reviews on the mini here.
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  4. Thank you Amazona...I have viewed these, as well as reading some reviews online...some people have mentioned that it is stiff, so my question for you is it stiff feeling, and does it soften ? Thank you :smile:
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    It's a waxed canvas, so it doesn't get very soft and that's actually one it's desired qualities. Kånken was designed almost 40 yrs ago as a school backpack for swedish kids and it was meant to keep its shape. I love how it stands up and doesn't slouch all over the place.

    The stiffness will fade as the protecting was layer wears off, but losing the wax will make the backpack more prone to staining and wear.
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  6. How about the zipper, is it difficult ? :smile:
  7. The zipper - as I've naturally fiddled with goddaughter's Kånken - seems to run smooth. No problems there. Haven't really heard of anyone's zipper breaking either.
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  8. Thank you Amazona, so helpful :smile:
  9. The quality is as good as the regular sized ones but they are really tiny!!! I wouldn’t suggest it for an adult (I’m 5’4 and I feel it’s way to small for me, I gave it to my son who’s 1.5 )
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    I have both a regular sized and a mini Kanken! I have had the regular sized one for around 5 years - the colour has faded around the handles and some corners, but there are absolutely no holes and the fabric has held up amazingly well. The wax does come off over time and it will lose its shape if you washed the bag often like me. I have had the mini one for slightly less than 2 years and it is super cute! Fits more than you think and it is very comfortable bag to carry around as well :smile: The fabric is somewhat stiff (which helps it keep its shape!) but has definitely softened up a little. I am quite small at 162 cm (about 5"3'?) and about 99lbs, so I don't think it looks too small on me. Maybe it's because I'm still a student. Here is a picture of the mini next an A4 sized notepad: IMG_1217.JPG
    Hope this helps!! xx
    edit: what I can fit into the bag - ipad air with case, umbrella, water bottle, thin jacket, small pouch with tissues, lip balm, comb, earphones + other small bits, key pouch, small wallet, iphone 6.
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  11. I'm 5'3 and I own and use my black mini backpack during the weekends or for when I'm out and about while traveling. What I tend to carry: iPhone 7 Plus, Kate Spade Wristlet (wallet), LV Key Cles with keys+key fob, Mophie power bank+cord, my lipliner+lipstick of the day, lip balm. The size is perfect for me since I don't carry much and it's so lightweight and well structured.

    I did not know about needing to wax it so I appreciate some of the advice i'm reading about its maintenance.
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  12. My 2 year old has a purple one!