fixing water/rain marked leather

  1. i bought a camel colored kooba in december and it got caught in a bad downpour of rain a few weeks ago. there are now some streaky watermarks on it. although they "sort of" blend into the distressed look of the leather, they are driving me crazy and i haven't worn the bag since (although that could be due to the 3 others i have ppurchased since :yes: ).

    any advice on the best way to clean up or soften the look of these watermarks?

    for future rainfall, what's the best way to prevent this (besides not wearing the back ie. product recommendations for treating)?
  2. I got some splashes of liquid (cocktalls, actually) on my Chanel 2.55, and was freaking out until I decided to try my Coach leather cleaner on it. It actually worked! I was sooo relieved.
    Don't be concerned when it doesn't seen to disappear immediately or even looks more stained. Just let the cleaner dry, then the stain should be gone with it.
    Hopefully this works for your bag!
  3. I pretreated my Mulberry, but it still gets spotted in the rain. The spots seem to blend in very quickly so I don't worry about it.
  4. thanks chiaoapple, i will try that!