Fixing up a Cartier Watch...

  1. Hi i have an old cartier watch...its no longer in the stores and the white face of the watch is cracking...i can see it. its so strange. i really want to get this replaced.

    the watch is like an older version of Santos. Almost indentical face etc.


    has anyone ever had anything of this sort changed at it really expensive? :shame:
  2. well the price definately varies but it is not cheap. but definately worth it they usually come back like brand new :flowers:
  3. My mom had the face changed on her Panther from creame to white. I can't remember the price but it looked fantastic when she got it back. I would go with Cartier because you do not want it getting ruined. I had a vintage Cartier face restored by a watchmaker and I hate it.
    Good luck!
  4. thank you guys. i'll hop on over to cartier this weekend!