Apr 26, 2014
Thought I'd post this as I was just reading a thread where it was posted that a member considering a shoe purchase may decide to pass because of cuts on the heel. Depending on the cuts, this can be a pricey cobbler repair, but again, depending on the cuts it can be a pretty easy at home fix. I never drive in my heels as I always have a pair of drivers or ballets in my car but if you do, you're going to ruin your shoes.

In most cases, the leather is not gone-it's just scrunched up but still attached so take a tweezer and gently pull out the leather being extra careful to neither detach it or stretch it out of shape. You need to keep it the same shape as the cut. Take a Q-tip or similar and put a tiny dab of rubber cement (the classic kind in a jar by Elmer's) on the underside of the cut and smooth it back into shape. Wait until the glue dries and then just gently rub off the excess-it will ball right up. You can then touch it up with same color shoe polish and you're good to go.

When the leather is scraped off it's more involved to fix and will probably benefit from a cobbler but I've always touched up my own with matching enamel or acrylic depending on the color and finish. This will not work as well on suede.

Hope this helps!