Fixing toki leather

  1. I just noticed that the bag I bought from eBay in new condition (of course) has a little scuffing on the leather. I already gave perfect feedback because I didn't notice at first... So my question is how to fix this? Can I just use a teeny bit of shoe polish to hide it? What color would I use? Neutral? Light tan? Anyone ever done this before?
  2. how bad is the scuffing?? like was it scratched off? can you show a pic?

    idk about yours but when i got mine, some of the leather parts has wrinkles :confused1:...but its brand new w/ idk if mine is the same as yours?
  3. Snapcat, it's Vachetta leather, so if you put any kind of liquid on it, it will darken the leather. If you are going to put anything on it, I would suggest trying it where it won't show first so you can see if you like it.
  4. I'm sure this isn't the seller's fault as I've bought bags before where the leather is already both scratched and wrinkled as vmasterz said. It's so weird b/c I pick this suff out first hand so I know it hasn't been used. Anyway, I think lesportsac's quality just sux!!!!! My first tokidoki purse was a black cammo ciao ciao and all the leather parts were wrinkled and I bought it from Madison Ave Lesportsac :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: . Then my adios star zucca that I got from metropark has like a little piece of the leather ripped a scuff kinda mark...I had to have the bag so I don't care but :wtf: for $184 plus tax...the bag should be immaculate!!!!
  5. I tried to take a pic but my camera doesn't have a good enough camera to really show... Basically its scuffed and the place its scuffed is darker and discolored because its like the top layer is kinda scuffed off... Its not that bad I didn't really notice at first but :sad:

    I guess it may not be the sellers fault... I still love the print placement too bad the lesportsac leather is so easily messed up!

  6. You know what?! I think the leather on tokidoki is treated! It doesnt get dark at all. Like I literally put drops of water on the leather parts and it just sits there as a drop and doesnt seap through! When you wipe it off its like nothing ever was on it.
  7. Really? Maybe I should try some leather polish then but I'm scared to mess up the leather even worse... I was thinking about trying to contact lesportsac and asking them about the leather but I was too lazy to do it yet :p
  8. You're right. I had gotten strawberry syrup on some of the leather and was able to wipe it clean with a wet cloth. It didn't wreck the leather at all.
  9. Would something like a leather conditioner work?
  10. Phew! im not alone!! I just found it weird that it already has wrinkles when i get them. Im guessing there was weight on it or something that makes it like that.
  11. it could work since its scruffed...let us know how it turns out

    the leather looks shiny, looks like already coated with something:confused1: thats why you can easily wipe off the mess...
  12. Yeah that's what I'm wondering...

    I just emailed Lesportsac customer service to ask what type of leather it is and whether or not its treated... Also if they can recommend any type of leather care to use for the scuffed leather. I'm not sure how helpful their response will be but I'll let you guys know what they say.'

    I already bought some 'neutral' leather polish but I don't want to use it if its untreated leather...
  13. idk for some reason it doesnt feel like leather to me...just guess its a different kind of leather..:shrugs:
  14. I know what you mean. I think it is treated leather but still if I didn't know any better I would think it was fake leather.
  15. My mom uses the coach leather conditioner to prevent that stuff from happening to her prada...I haven't tried it yet but it's worth a try