Fixing Stitching on a Fall 05 Stam

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  1. I know that quite a few Fall 05 Stams have had loose stitching issues. If any of you Fall 05 owners have had this problem, have you had it professionally re-stitched? Just curious if this is possible and how it all worked out in the end.
  2. I have an 05 quilted petrol multipocket!

    When the stitching came undone, I took a needle and just poked the thread in. Jun suggested it, too! But with a little clear nail polish on the tip. But after looking at mine, I noticed that a thread had actually broken (the bottom one) that holds/anchors the top stitches.

    i sent it in to MJ repairs and they stitched it back up for me!
  3. Did MJ repairs stitch it back up for you even though it was after the warranty period? I thought they wouldn't fix any bags that were older than 18 months old. Hmmmm...............interesting.
  4. Well I e-mailed first and the amazingly wonderful Diego said they'd take it in for 'review'. It came back and it was fixed!
  5. i think moda express is cracking down on repairs of bags outside the 18-24 month warranty. my friend recently emailed him about a loose stud on her indigo blake and he said they couldn't fix it for her "because they no longer had the part" even though there were no parts needed. when i recently emailed them about my loose stitches on my fall 07 ostrich stam, there was a new "disclaimer" on his emails stating that they will no longer repair bags outside the warranty timeframe, but they still took my bag because mine was under the 18 months limit.

    i wonder what ever happened to diego's suggestion about paying an annual fee to have lifetime repairs? everyone here was all for it.
  6. As much as I love MJ, I do think that the 18 month warranty thing stinks. We pay so much for these bags and, if something goes wrong or needs repairing, I would love to be able to send it to the place that really knows their stuff about these bags. I really hesitate to send it to a regular shoe repair, for fear of them ruining a bag, especially a bag that is no longer in production, hard to find and, basically, not replaceable. I can't imagine that they get that many repair requests for it to be overwhelming. I bet most MJ owners don't even know that Moda exists.

    I would definitely be interested in a lifetime repair option. Also, I am not opposed to paying then for the repairs, especially on an older bag (unless it is a design defect, which the loose stitching on the 05 Stams seem to be).
  7. ^ i agree, but at the same time, most designers don't even have a warranty. if it breaks or gets damaged recently after purchased, they might be able to exchange the item for you as long as it's available or there's no waitlist for the item such is the case with chanel. places like lv offer repairs, but for a price. i think mj's warranty is more than generous compared to many other designers, but they should offer repair for a fee service. when they emailed my friend back, they said they only keep thread and parts of bags up to two years old. i don't know how true that is considering they've bent the rules in the past and fixed older season bags. maybe we should email diego and ask him about the status of that plan he proposed to us.
  8. Don't get me wrong. I think the MJ warranty is really generous. I just think that since Moda exists and they are familiar with MJ bags that they should still be able to repair things for a fee. I understand that they may not have all the parts for older bags, but stitching issues and stuff that can be fixed, that should be easy. I hope to keep most of my bags for a lifetime and, if properly cared for, it shouldn't be a problem. I just feel more comfortable with them, since they are familiar with MJ bags and work on them often. I may just have to find someone trustworthy here in L.A. I always get nervous about leaving a bag, because there is always that possibility of it getting stolen, etc. I know that sounds paranoid, but it happens all the time with dry cleaners. I bet people do steal stuff from those places. I would be so upset if something got stolen that you could no longer find (that's just about every MJ!!)
  9. I always fix my own stuff, fixing stitching is fairly easy like others have said. I suggest using carpet thread esp if you are fixing handles or anything that gets stress or is weight-bearing.
  10. I've had a few stitches come loose on my Petrol Stam, but mainly at the ends of the bag where they're not really visible, so I've basically left them alone. One thing I have noticed is that the stitches become "fuzzy" after a while -- they must have used different type of thread on those earlier stams, because this is the only stam that's ever happened to.
  11. Great thread with lots of good information~
  12. I luv, I was just going to PM you to ask you about the "fuzziness" of the stitches I noticed that. They must have used thread that had a lot more cotton in it or thread that was more loosely spun than the newer Stam versions. Just another "charming" trait of these beautiful 05 Stams! It's kind of like when you buy a car the first year it was made. They haven't worked all the quirks out.