fixing Majorica pearls

  1. On my flight on Continental Airlines to Lisbon, Portugal I bought through the "in-flight duty free" catalog the most beautiful Majorica multi-colored pearl & earring set. My trip was on April 6th. Last week I noticed that my baroque multi-colored Majorica pearls were blistering and peeling and the protective coating was cracking! How and where can I get these pearls fixed??? I did NOTHING wrong but wear them and get a multitude of compliments on them!
    Can anyone please tell where to send them so someone can fix my pearls so I can wear them again!
  2. Didn't they come with a warranty card? There should have been a small leaflet with the item.

    Try their website, maybe there is some info on it. Such a shame, I have a few strands and never had any issues.
  3. This happened to my friend! I'm so sorry about this, but because Majorca pearls are fake, the peeling is expected. You should have a warranty of ten years, though. For the record, these pearls are made in Spain (not Majorca anymore) by coating a glass bead with a past made of fish scales. I would not waste my money on these overpriced fakes.
  4. Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue sell them. They may be able to assist with repair/replacement.

    I do not share the opinion of the previous poster. I think Majorica pearls are gorgeous and an excellent value. Furthermore, those prestigeous department stores don't sell junk.
  5. Majorca/Mallorca is in Spain
  6. see below
  7. I should clarify this more...

    Majorca pearls are supposed to be made on the Spanish island of Mallorca (in the Mediterranean), but the pearls are now made anywhere, even on the mainland of Spain. This was considered a step-down for the company.