fixing leather that sticks out

  1. I saw the cracking on leather, may be you can put conditioner. I dont know what you mean by bend out.
  2. i saw the crackling. it didn't bother me much...i figure some leather conditioner should clean that right up. and even if it doesn't, meh. not that big a deal. just makes it look well loved, which i like. it's the circled bit that bends out that would drive me nuts.
  3. Yes, those kind of things drive me nuts. Right now I have my mandarin speedy on its side because one of the tabs are turning up.
  4. ^^^i do that to my speedy too sometimes. :smile:

    meh. i think i'll just skip that one. there are a TON of other cheap vintage noes with dark leather but good straps. :smile:
  5. Oh I will bug me too...may be people who sell leather for belt or bags can make you some sort of round band that come with a belt. I am not sure whether you know what I am talking about.
    It's the pic from my trocadero..
  6. Those kind of things drive me nuts too! I hate when that happens. My LV green alligater clyde does that in the front.grrrr