Fixing jeans waist gaping at the waist by myself?

  1. Some of you mentioned that a tailor can close off any gaping at the waist/low-hip for jeans. I don't have a tailor but I do have a very nice sewing machine. Any ideas how I could do this myself? Thanks!
  2. When I've done it in the past, I've just done a set of darts at the back of the waistband, near the gaps and placed them a few inches apart, so the rest of the waist did not pull. You can probably toy w/ where to put by gathering the fabric before pinning.
  3. Just be sure that the darts are evenly spaced and that they "tuck" exactly the same amount of fabric or you risk deviating the back center seam to one side. It's really a very simple "operation". :tup:
  4. Thanks everyone! So the consensus is to sew up the back as opposed to the sides? Any reasons why? Just wondering...
  5. Normally a gap at the waist will rest at the back, if you just let it be, KWIM? I learned to sew and do little alterations from my grandma and mom, and this is just how I was taught, I guess. Also, if you pull fabric to the sides, rather than dart at the back, you could end up messing w/ how the pants lay, whereas when you dart in the back, it goes w/ the normal flow of the pants. I don't know if this makes sense, but that is the best I can explain it. HTH!
  6. Ahhh... definitely makes sense. Thank you so much elizat!
  7. Finally did this and must say this is like one of the best things to happen to me! I have a whole new outlook on like, life!
  8. lol! Glad it worked out well!
  9. Elizat-- I'm going to try your method on a pair of my jeans, but I don't have great sewing skills so I'm scared :hrmm:

    For jeans, do I need to remove the center belt loop in the back and put the dart in the center? Or should I do 2 darts, one on either side of the center loop? Or am I not even making sense lol :p
  10. ^ It is really easy Claire! Don't have to remove anything. Just figure out where the gap lies and do two darts in the back on the waistband, evenly spaced from one another, pulling the same amount of material from each dart. The cleanest way usually to do the darts will normally be near the center belt loop, but it depends on your shape. I don't ever cut out the additional darted fabric, unless there is so much to the point where it won't lay flat, KWIM? If you were to do one dart at the center, you'd change the way the leg and butt are supposed to lay, unless you just got lucky. HTH!
  11. Yeah! You can play around with your jeans to see where the darts would be the best for your body. I placed them on either side of the center loop. The hardest part of the process, I think, is pushing the needle through the fabric because it gets so thick... I didn't even try this with the sewing machine because it would for sure be a battle. Make sure you wear of those needle-pushing whatever things... thimble?
  12. ^ actually, I think it is easier w/ the sewing machine! You just need the right needle so it won't break. I don't know which strength it is, I always have to look at the boxes at the store.
  13. Thanks for the tips, Elizat :flowers:

    I don't have a sewing machine, so I'm going to attempt to do it by hand. If I can't do it, I'll ask my mom to sew it on hers.
  14. Unfortunately I'm not as crafty/skilled so I just take jeans to the tailor, they just pinch the back in the middle of the waistband. They charge me like $5 or something, so it can't be that hard.