Fixing a stone in the juicy couture charm?

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  1. I have the horseshoe charm, and today one of the stones fell out at the DMV (I found it though!) so how can I put the stone back? Or is there someone I can contact at the company? I don't know what approach to take.
    Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I heard that if you send it back, they will replace it as long as they still have them in stock. I'm not sure of the availability of that one, but I don't its worth the risk considering if theres none in stock, they will just send you a different one.

    As far as fixing it you can try gorilla glue or super glue maybe? Its probably going to be really hard considering its so small and the glue can get messy.
  3. ^Yeah that's what they do, they don't replace the stone and send it back to you. I wish they did though!

    They have an order form you have to fill out if you do return though.

    Anyway, yeah, just try gluing the stone back in yourself, I've done that with one of the bracelets I have (I used superglue) and it worked well.
  4. The don't have this charm anymore I don't even think they sell it anymore. I will try the gorilla glue with a toothpick maybe.

    I'm just glad I found the stone (looking like an idiot searching the carpet of the DMV) because it was blue (the other side of the horseshoe). When you don't find the stone, where can you get another, like for the clear/shiny ones? I'm so scared this is going to happen again!
  5. I would try AC Moore, Michaels or any other craft store. Its might be hard to find the right size stone tho
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  7. use 'glossy accents' or 'diamond glaze' when attaching a stone. not only will it glue it in, but glaze it. it will be permanent too.

    you can go to Outlines Rubber Stamps site and get all color swarovskis in all sizes.
  8. sounds like you really know what your talking about alliemia great tips