Fixing a scratch... HELP!

  1. I purchased a beautiful pebbled leather bag over the summer and I love it. Only problem is it is made with the pebbled leather and it scratches very easily. I have gotten a few scratches on it and was wondering if anyone knew a way I could get rid of them? I have e-mailed and all they tell me is to rub with my fingers... this doesn't work. Does anyone know another way?
  2. You can apply a little shoe polish to the scratched area to restore the color.
  3. Thank you so much!! I was a little worried to put anything on it without someone actually giving me the advice!! thanks again:smile:
  4. No problem & glad to be of help! When you think about what the leather was before it became a handbag, it had to have been scratched a gazillion times. In fact, the marks quite often remain as natural enhancements on top grain leather. What you scratched was merely an area beneath the surface that penetrated the dye. Best wishes to you.