Fixing a missing rivet on my Silverado....

  1. I recently purchased a gorgeous tan/nude Silverado combo from a great seller on eBay...

    However, the only problem was that the strap had a missing rivet on one of the straps. So, the bottom of the strap is kinda hanging.

    I wanted to get it fixed, but I didn't know where to send it in to Chloe, or if I could...or how I should do it?

    Or can I take it to a leatherworker or something where I live?

    I would really love any information that I can get.

  2. Have a look on the Chloe website for your nearest Chloe store and give them a call and find out if you bring the bag to them or if you can courier it - i wouldn't mention you bought it from eBay, just that it needs repairing. I've never taken anything back to a Chloe store but i took my Gucci back to Gucci store once and they sent it away for cleaning and fixed a panel for me no charge and called me when it was ready. And i once took my Burberry purse with a broken clasp which was a gift and i didn't have the receipt and they gave me a whole new purse! i think this sort of service is one of the less spoken about benefits of buying designer goods.