Fixed up my second hand Rocco!

  1. I bought this Rocco off eBay second hand at a great price. There was a fair amount of wear to the edges of the bag... but I wanted to see if I could work my magic on it. This is my first time treating/cleaning/polishing a bag, nevermind a $1,000 one, so I was a little nervous but I love the results so far!!! Can't wait to see what it looks like once it dries

    IMG_1489002700.198215.jpg IMG_1489002711.457746.jpg

    Immediately after:
    IMG_1489002732.509705.jpg IMG_1489002741.777601.jpg

    I think it could use another coat of everything but I'm so happy with the visible difference for 15 minutes of work!
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  2. Wow you did a great job what did you use?
  3. Thank you! I used moneys worth products! IMG_1489086025.100345.jpg
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  4. Sending my bag to you, LOL !