Fixated on a brown flap

  1. Hi! So I've become obsessed with finding a nice classic brown flap. I cant seem to find any decent ones on eBay. Is there anywhere else I can find a decent one. I dont mind if its a bit used. Black seems to be the only available color and I already have waaaay too much black! Thanks for any help!!
  2. Have you seen the Chocolate Brown Classic flap with the MM lock? It comes in Medium and Jumbo size. I just bought the Medium in Vegas at the Wynn. It is soooo soft, I just used it this weekend and went and bought the same bag in black. I know Chanel carries it and so does NM. Check it out!
  3. brown and grey are my fixations as well!! I feel for you!good luck let us know what you get!
  4. My SA at Sak's Greenwich, CT, Margie ordered in a glazed brown modern chain flap for EGC for another tpfer who changd her mind. Its really cute but the size of a medium flap. Not sure if you what size you want.
  5. chabich, are you referring to the calfskin one? does it have a sheen to it? is it distressed or smooth leather? thanks.