Fix for lifting heels in Frye boots?

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  1. Wasn't sure if I should post this in the Frye reference/modeling section but this is more of a problem. I just received my Frye Billy short boots today (6.5)- they feel great everywhere but tend to lift a bit in the heel with every step I take. When I tried heavier socks they were too tight in the toe box. I also tried a sticky backed heel insert but it just furled up when I got my foot in the boot. Any suggestions, or should I just learn to live with the feeling....or return them (?)

  2. Thanks but I think I solved the dilemma. I just tried them on with skinny cords and jeans and the excess fabric in the boot shaft prevents the lifting. When I initially tried them on I had them on with only socks and bare legs. They're keepers!
  3. awesome, glad you've managed to save them :biggrin: