five to ten


Jan 16, 2006
Okay you ladies and gents:shame: have inspired me to make a 5 to 7 year plan..these are the bags I really want:

1. Dior Gaucho..I love it and I think it looks great..however I'm not sure if I'll like it when I'm 40,45,50....
2. Chloe Edith..I think I could love her forever..very versatile..or at least she looks it..I've never seen inside one..but could definatley see older and younger women carrying one
3.Anya Hindmarch..bespoke ebury..I love the idea of the bag..the concept is fab..I would love to have a bag with a message from my sweetie in it..when I'm having abd day at work etc I can always glance at it :love: def. will talking to DH about this one!
4.Hermes Birkin..I know I know..must you can't argue with a "classic":biggrin:

Wish me what's in your plan?
Mine changes constantly :shame: But I can think of a couple that have stayed on the list so far.

Chanel 2.55 reissue in grey
LV Epi Speedy 30 in mandarin
Chanel Cambon bowling bag in black
Balenciaga Twiggy in bordeaux or the new rouge vif shade

Here are my current infatuations:
Dior Gaucho medium in white
Fendi Spy in honey
Chloe Edith in chamois
hmm, i only have a short term plan which is get these before the end of the year: (i can't seem to hand long term plans)

Balenciaga FIRST turquoise or magenta
LV Pouchette? MM or MC
Paddington or maybe a FENDI spy... Oh goodness, I need help!
I know not everyone approves of exotic skins, but the bespoke bags from Alexandra Knight are tdf. Here's the Taylor bag:


Chanel: Anything, bring it on I don't mind!
Dior: Gaucho I saw it online and fall in love with so far....
Dior: Detective white or black. I fall in love with it ever since last summer too bad I didn't get it then so I still want it now
LV:MC speedy 30 white and the new Noe it's too cute!
Gosh, everything is all black and white...
So last but not least: Balenciaga a hot color
Hmmm... let's see:

LV damier alma
LV epi jasmin (black)
LV mono papillon 30
LV damier speedy
LV (one of their nice briefcases in epi)
Balenciaga in lots of colors and sizes

And the list goes on...
chanel reissue 2.55 in grey
chanel caviar leather classif flap in white?
chanel cambon tote
dior saddle bag
lv mc speedy 30
lv popincourt haut
balenciaga classisque this most likely isn't an actual plan unless i win the lottery. but a girl can dream!
Hmmm....I haven't thought that far ahead.

I think sometime this year, I would love to get:
LV Damier Speedy
Balenciaga Medium (in a boring color...hehe) - are they still called that?
Possibly a Tod's bag (I'm lusting after the Decoupage bag)