Five Food/Diet Myths Exposed *pics*

  1. Once upon a time we used to eat food simply because we liked it.

    Now we buy into diet plans such as Atkins and South Beach, and fill our grocery carts with fish, almonds, orange juice fortified with Vitamin D and other foods we think are healthy. Then, on those special days when we want to treat ourselves for being good, we seek out foods marketed as sinful and indulgent. Double-fudge brownies, anyone?

    Somewhere in between, however, people are losing touch with the basic joys of the table. To blame? Our Puritan roots, perhaps. Or, new information about the nutrition-related causes of illnesses like heart disease. Then there's the increasing influence of a massive diet industry as well as food manufacturers trying to find new ways to catch our eye.

    Myth One
    Fresh Is Best
    While our grandparents chose canned foods because they were safe and efficient, today, we've gone to the opposite extreme. We tend to think anything artificial is inferior, Glassner says. But flash-frozen vegetables, for example, retain more nutrients than their fresh counterparts, which age during transportation and sitting on the shelf.
    Myth Two
    Vitamin-Enhanced Foods Are Better
    By blurring the line between food and vitamins or medications, we tend to think we're getting a two-for-one deal with products, such as pasta packed with omega-3 fatty acids. But with these extras, foods don't necessarily become better for you. What's more, they are altered in the process.
    Myth Three
    A Meal Is Worthy For What It Lacks
    Glassner believes most people have lost sight of what should be an obvious fact--that what's on the plate is what makes a meal great and a source of pleasure. Too many people, he says, focus on the lack of salt, fat, carbs or calories in a dish, rather than its taste, when sizing it up.
    Myth Four
    Natural Means Less Processed
    Many foods with the word "natural" on their labels are in fact more processed and have less nutritional value than others without it, Glassner says. The only thing the term seems to consistently mean is a higher price.
    Myth Five
    Some Foods Are Inherently Bad For You
    Too much of anything isn't good for you. Eat three meals a day of broccoli and you're probably going to get sick. Gorging only on snack foods likewise is a bad idea. But foods like potato chips, which most of us enjoy, can still have a place in our diet. Categorizing a food as inherently bad is unnecessary, Glassner says.
  2. I, for one, never believed that carbs are that bad.
  3. ^^ Me, neither. I looooooove spaghetti.
  4. I learned in one of my business classes, that the term "natural" is really a marketing gimmick!
  5. I don't believe carbs are bad either.
  6. Nor do I. It actually drives me crazy when people say "Don't eat carbs, they're bad for you!" I mean really, how is eliminating an entire food group a healthy decision?? I understand the difference between whole wheat or refined white flour and I think that's a good thing to know. Other than that, I just become frustrated when people tout the no or low-carb fad.
  7. Me either!
    Im addicted to bread long as theyre crusty, weird huh ? :p
  8. I love my carbs, esp chocolate and cake.
  9. I had a personal trainer for a while that was getting me to eat a low-carb diet. I gained weight, and not just muscle. I was eating too many calories.
  10. LOL, you are so right, you CAN NOT eliminate a food group entirely and be healthy. The real key to losing weight is eating in moderation including all food groups, lowering caloric intake to only what your body needs, and trying to get more whole foods in your diet (rather than processed, overcooked, refined, enriched etc.) I think it is important to get a well rounded diet, I've never really counted calories (though I do obide by serving sizes) and one very important thing (I think) that I do during the day is I ask myself what food group I haven't eaten today when I'm hungry.......If all I've eaten is a package of oatmeal, and then fruit and nuts for a snack I say for the rest of the day I'm going to need a little more protein some dairy (calcium), some green and another dark colored vegetable and maybe a little brown rice or the like.........I don't eat a whole lot of food because it's just not necessary for my body so I want to make sure I make the most of what consume and I try to make sure I don't go through the whole day completely missing a food group. I'm also vegetarian so I have to be a little more careful with things like my protein and iron.....