Five Factor Diet

  1. Has anyone tried the Five Factor Diet? I've been hearing a lot about it lately, what with Mandy Moore and other celebrities saying how great it is. I'm wondering if it is as easy to stick with as it sounds, and if only doing 25 minutes of exercise 5 times a week is even effective?

    I know we're not supposed to talk about unhealthy diets, etc, but this one sounds pretty nutritionally sound. Its 5 meals a day that end up being around 1200-1500 calories. It also sounds pretty balanced.

    Any thoughts?
  2. I've been on and off it a couple of months.
    Good results. Some of the food is terrible.
    Yves dogs, never buy them. I'd rather starve than eat them.
    I've had great results, I've been going overboard with the exercising portion. I've noticed my arms have lost a lot of fat and bulk, and they look slimmed down.

    I miss sugar a lot, but I'm vain and want to look good.
    The Ricotta Espresso dessert is quite tasty.
    I'm not completely full after I have had a meal, but some of the portion size is unbelievably small ie franks and beans.

  3. Looks interesting.

    You're actually not supposed to feel "full" after a meal. You're just supposed to feel satisfied. If you're feeling full then you've eaten too much.